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Three Marias Home Page

This page is dedicated to my friends Maria, Maria, and Maria who live in Tbilisi, Georgia.

All three Marias enjoy browsing paintings on the Internet. So, in their honor, here is the art of the famous Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani:

The Republic of Georgia recently introduced new currency -- the Lari -- and showed Georgia's national pride in Pirosmani by featuring his portrait and one of his paintings on the One Lari note.

Click on a picture to get a full-size image.

House Porter Peasant Woman with Children Going for Water Actress Margarita
Winemakers Celebration
Giraffe Threshing Floor Stag
Wet Nurse with Child Cook Wedding in Traditional Georgia
Ortachalian Beauty with Fan Woman with Flowers and Umbrella
Bear in Moon Light Fisherman Portrait of Alexander Garanov
White Hog with Piglets Mule Bridge Ortachalian Beauty
Celebration with Organ Grinder Datiko Firewood Salesman Begos' Friends